Thursday, May 28, 2009

Allergy Alert Recall

Tofutti has issued a precautionary recall of 12 pallets of Vanilla Cuties. Read about it here.

WholeFoods was out of my usual SO brand of soy ice cream sandwiches (the vanilla taste like the real thing, the chocolate and Neapolitan flavors are AWFUL). So I picked up mint chocolate chip tofutti cuties today. I will be calling their hotline just to make sure it's ok to eat them, and I'll check back in with you to let you know if they were any good!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

when life hands you lemons, make lemon zest...

Another food test:
Deli ham : Yes!
This was something I could eat as a kid (AND LOVED), but was forced to give up when I went through food testing. Deli meats in general have a ton of preservatives and spices, and tend to be discouraged for the allergic community. Case in point: Did you know a good portion of deli turkey has milk infused in it? Read the labels sometime, it's a real eye-opener.
I can't seem to digest meat flavored to taste like other meat, such as turkey bologna or turkey ham, but regular deli ham was o.k. That may seem like a weird comment (meat flavored to taste like other meat), so if you need me to explain, let me know.

Meanwhile, confessions of the allergic and unemployed?
I can food test without having to worry, because I'm in a safe environment.
If my allergies bother me, I can take medicine without having to worry that I will be unable to function at work. The low-dose allergy medicine never worked while I was out in the world (my work environment was not allergy-friendly), and the strong allergy medicine always made me feel like I was chewing on my tongue (thereby rendering me not productive). Unemployment: the solution to one's allergy problems! I am kidding, of course, but if ever there had to be a silver lining, I'm o.k. with this one.

Off to chase that whole "relaxation" thing that everyone keeps talking about...

Thursday, May 07, 2009

More food test results...

Pumpkin and nutmeg: YAY!
This post brought to you by non-allergic mom's amazing pumpkin bread. YUM!

Thank you!
~Allergic Diner

This time, camera in hand!

I am here with pictures of that fantastic chicken, referenced in the previous post. About a week ago, I had a package of chicken with which I knew not what to do. NAH kindly suggested, "You know that chicken you made that you said was orange chicken, but doesn't taste like fruit at all? Let's have that." It was Sunday, ergo, I bring to you, Sunday Chicken...

In the pan...

And on the plate! Served over couscous with broccoli......YUM!

Happy allergy-free eating,
Your allergic diner