Monday, September 24, 2007

Tomato-free, by request....

Good morning, and happy Monday everyone! NAH and I had a nice weekend, we spent the holiday with my allergic parents at the shore. I was treated to two, lovely, allergy-proof meals.
The first meal, the large meal we eat on Friday evenings, was made completely lactose-free thanks to the allergic mom. I was able to eat turkey, stuffing, potatoes and applesauce, and simply skip the gravy. Score one for mom, she didn't have to make separate meals and everything was delicious. Even better? NAH and I weren't allowed to help with the cleanup (the best gift they could have given us).
Saturday's meal was more interesting. They requested that the platter they'd ordered be tomato-free, and that the tomatoes could simply be on a side plate. Not only did the chef who made the platter comply, there was a note attached that said "used separate serving pieces to handle tomatoes, whole platter had no contact." I was astounded and quite pleased. My guess would be that the chef has a child with allergies.
It's always nice going home again, and this weekend wasn't any exception.
~your Allergic Diner


Allergic daughter''s mom said...

It's sometimes a challenge but never a hardship to find a way to make delicious dishes that are edible for my allergic daughter! After all, the allergy legacy comes from me.

RighterLady said...

Thanks mom, that'll save me years of therapy where the end result will be, well....blaming you :)
It was a beautiful weekend and the food, as always, was delicious. Thanks for everything!

Allergic Girl said...

what a sweet mother duaghter moment there.

ok seriously, on saturday who made the magical platter?

RighterLady said...

The magic platter was made by a supermarket called Cassel's that carries a lot of kosher foods for the Atlantic City area. Next year I'll make sure to take a picture :)