Monday, November 26, 2007

Assorted things

Well, Turkey Fest 2007 has come and gone, and I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving, as I did. We all have a lot to be thankful for. I'm thankful for everyone that reads this blog (in addition to a whole bunch of other things - a loving husband, roof over my head, family & friends, my job, and the list goes on).

I was in northern New Jersey at a bridal shower this past Saturday. I made the dreaded mistake of not eating before I left (the horror!) because I didn't exactly have thirty seconds to breathe this week....for some people it was a vacation. I accomplished a lot, and I'm proud to say all my holiday shopping is done! But I'm sidetracking myself as usual. I forgot to eat before the bridal shower, and it was an hour drive.

I went into the restaurant determined to find something to eat without being inconsiderate of my host and what was to be provided. Imagine my surprise when the waitress was able to give me london broil, gravy-free, steamed plain vegetables with no seasoning/butter, and a butter-less roll. I was thrilled with what I thought was excellent service, and didn't even mind being the sideshow attraction at the table (after my request, I had to explain to the other guests why I was behaving this way - I wasn't eating the salad because there was a tomato on the plate, etc. Lots of eye rolls all around).

It turns out that a very thoughtful friend had informed the waitstaff that I would be there with my allergies, and to please accommodate me in any way possible.....I haven't been that flattered in a long time, and yes, the food was delicious. And my accommodations cost them nothing (which made me very happy). Always nice to be taken care of. The shower was a lovely, tasteful affair and the bride-to-be was in utter shock (though through a crowd of 30 people she spotted me and yelled "I knew I recognized your car!" She got a lovely start to her new life, and I had a great meal!

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