Thursday, January 17, 2008

Odds and ends and Smurfs!

Just so many things to tell you...

First off, chocolate-covered pretzels are a GO. Lactaid crisis is over (methinks I should blog about other crises so that they will end just as quickly, no?)!

Second, I am on allergy alert for a trip to Fort Meyers, FL with the non-allergic inlaws in March, and Maui, HI with the allergic parents in August. From my research, it appears the Maui trip will require LOTS of food-planning. Woohoo!

Third, The Smurfs turned 50 this week! I realize this isn't an allergy-related statement, but I grew up with the little blue guys, and they will forever have a soft spot in my heart. As far as talk of a Smurfs' movie? I'd suggest leaving well enough alone.

Fourth, many websites, such as "Top 10," allow you to leave your comments after a restaurant that is on their Top 10 list. To my great surprise, as I've been researching my August trip, MANY reviewers have written about their experience with the restaurant's handling of their allergies. Fantastic! Thank you!
At some point this week I will post my recipe for a lactose-free chicken pot pie that NAH and I enjoyed very much last night. I hope this rambling has found all of you well. An allergic friend is coming up to see our new home tonight so I must beat a hasty retreat to make sure it is clean enough!
Yours in smurfiness,
The Allergic Diner

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