Wednesday, February 06, 2008

reviews to come....

Hello all,
Well, usually this time of year work dwindles down (post-holiday slump). However, that hasn't happened. As you can see, yet again I am lax in my blogging. My apologies.
So many things are new in my world...
First off, NAH and I have been attempting to allergy-proof the house. We now own and operate a humidifier for the upstairs. Second, this weekend I am off to my company's retreat! Several fun-filled days of company bonding, lots of eating, and probably some drinking and shopping in addition to all those fun team-building exercises.
I'm excited about this because the people at my company did something for me that has NEVER happened to me before. I've received menus of all the places we have dinners, lunches, and brunches scheduled. I was shown the orders ahead of time, and allowed to order additional food so that I'd be able to eat at each function. For example, we're having dinner on Thursday at a very large, well-known, delicious Italian restaurant to celebrate our 20th anniversary, but we're eating family style. Large platters of baked ziti, chicken parmesan, and olive oil, tomato, and oregano soaked bruschetta. Not so good for your allergic diner. I get to order some plain pasta and a salad sans tomatoes, etc.
My excitement is that not only will I be able to eat, but I work with a bunch of genuinely nice people who know enough about my problems to be concerned and want to help. Very kind! No allergy alert for this trip, and I'll be back next week with a bunch of reviews of restaurants...
Yours in allergies, eating, and traveling,
~Allergic Diner

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