Monday, April 14, 2008

Cookbooks and cookbooks and more cookbooks!

In an earlier post I may have mentioned my love of all things cooking. I especially love cookbooks, and take it as a challenge to try and alter everyday recipes so that they become allergy-friendly. As such, I've started a wonderful cookbook collection, and subscribe to several cooking magazines. I recently found a group for people like me. I'd like to call it a support group, but it's a cookbook book club (like a Doubleday, or a Columbia House).
Check this out!
The Good Cook (and admire my fabulous new hyperlink skills while we're at it. Thanks husband, I love you!)

I have 5 new cookbooks coming in the mail for the low price of $26.00! Oh happy Day!

~Allergic Diner

And for those of you wondering where my top chef recaps have gone, until the show stops being "whiny chef," I am not reviewing. I am watching, and I am enjoying, but I am not going to condone some of the cast members' bad behaviors with a review. They stop whining, I'll start recapping! Should have done the butternut squash soup, though.....

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