Saturday, November 22, 2008

Joining the sphere of wellness

Good evening, dear readers. You may have noticed the nifty little badges on the side of my blog. I was invited by Wellsphere to become one of their featured bloggers.
I waited to tell you, as I have been invited by some rather shady websites in the past, but this one seems to be quite above-board. I especially like their community features. What better place to get allergy information than from fellow allergy sufferers (and some hand-picked, really smart doctors?). This website exemplifies the benefits of what we can do for each other, simply by sharing information.
I'm proud to be a Wellsphere Health Maven, Featured Blogger, and Patient Expert. Find me here, or find me there, but definitely check them (ME!) out!


Your Allergic Diner


Geoff said...

Thanks for sharing your experience and your expertise with the allergy community on Wellsphere. Everyone in the community benefits from your participation, thank you! Geoff

allergic diner said...

Thanks Geoff,
It's an honor!