Thursday, March 15, 2007

Gas & a fertility lecture to boot....

I will start this off as a traditional TAD posting, by recommending to you a type of bread found at WholeFoods (the place where all allergic consumers can find SOMETHING). WholeFoods carries a line of breads from the Vermont Bread Company. Their oat bread is phenomenal! It is dairy-free, fat-free and 70 calories per slice. I can stick to my healthy eating quest and advise my allergic consumers all at the same time. It has a slightly sweet taste and the consistency of wheat bread. I highly recommend it for all those suffering from a dairy allergy.
But today I am going to part from my usual ways. I have already reviewed something for the allergic consumer, but I have another review, that of a gas company. This whole story is true.
Valero is one of the gas stations that is close to where I work. This morning, on my break, I went to have the car filled up with gas. Simple errand. What could possibly go wrong?
The gentleman who fills my tank noticed my rings and said "a married woman, are you on a break?" (i assumed he met from work and not in the Ross and Rachel sense). So I replied, "yes, I have a few minutes before I have to be back." His response was "How many children do you have?"
Ok, so now I am weighing my odds as to what happens here. Does he mean that I am on break from watching my children as they are quite obviously not in the car? Does he simply want an opportunity to tell me that I should have children? What do I say?
"2." Two, apparently, is what I say. I will defend my lie here by saying that I figured it would end the conversation, because he has already commented on my ring, and who would continue to pester a married woman with children? (hahaha. Joke's on me).
Only two? He asks. Yes, I say.Then - "Why only two?"
I'm sorry, is this a joke? Is the man pumping my gas really going to ask me about the innerworkings of my marriage? Should my lie have been a larger number?
So I said very simply, "i'm sorry?" (as in, why are you asking that, perhaps i misheard) and he says, "You are not too old (gee, thanks?). You are granted reproductive organs for a reason. Women are quite powerful and it is your duty to have more children. One day you will not be able to, you know (apparently he thinks I missed that day in 7th grade Health). There is no more beautiful thing than a woman with child. Your children must be young. You need to have more."
At this point an individual with half a brain would reply "i'm not sure that's any of your business." I don't like being rude for the sake of being rude (regardless of how much this person deserved it). My response was a simple, "thank you." As I go to pull away he came back to my window and said "you really should think about it, i'm sure your children are beautiful, you should have more beautiful children. Is there anything holding you back? Do you have someone who can help you watch them all?"
All i can think at this point is, "Is he offering to watch the fake children?" and "What just happened here??"....and I politely replied that I have to go now, and thank you.
Just out of curiousity, since when does a total stranger comment on a woman's reproductive system?? Unbelievable! Valero should advertise gas and fertility lectures and see what happens. Next time, I'm taking my business to B.P.

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