Saturday, March 10, 2007

Reviews and a tip on fruit

To sum up: Saladworks, bad.
That's about it folks. After another discomforting run-in with a sighing employee (how dare i ask her to remove the tomato she accidentally mixed in my salad?) I have decided to leave salad dressing at work and simply bring my own salad. Not only is it cheaper, it's far less worrisome.
On a lighter note, applause yet again to both Saladworks and Quizno's for preparing hoagies to consumer specifications. They are also more than happy to change their gloves if you ask.
And yes, while I realize your allergic diner doesn't usually post on Saturdays, I learned something while at the supermarket this morning that I wanted to share. Fresh fruit and vegetables are often coated in beeswax to preserve them in the supermarket aisle for days until they are purchased. While supermarkets are supposed to disclose this, not all do, but they are more than happy to answer truthfully if you ask. Anyhow, when in doubt, please wash your fruit and veggies before eating!

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