Friday, June 27, 2008


Hi All....
As my company hits busy season I've had less and less free time in the evenings to post. Please accept my apologies. This weekend I'm having a college-reunion of sorts in Chicago. Upcoming reviews to expect in this column: Berry Chill, a lactose-free frozen yogurt shop! Taste of Chicago, the mammoth food festival that draws millions each year, Orange, a brunch restaurant in the city, and maybe even a review of my trip to the Chicago Green Market. It's a lot to squeeze in one weekend, but we're going to try to do it. I'm packing my comfy walking shoes and I'll check back in with you all on Monday!
Happy Eating,
Your Allergic Diner


Blake said...

I expect extremely detailed reviews of all there is to do and eat in Chicago as we are headed to Chicago on July 3 and are looking forward to the Taste of Chicago and exploring what Chicago has to offer.

allergic diner said...

Well, we talked far more than we paid attention to what we ate...but hopefully the above will help you and M. on your trip. Have a great time! If you want other recommendations, I'll email them to you :)