Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Ah, Chicago, How I Love Thee....

Well, I am back from Chicago, safe and sound. Outside of a few airfare snafus, the trip went off without a hitch. Unfortunately, we gabbed for far longer than we thought and never made it to the aforementioned restaurants. Some views from the ferris wheel at the Taste of Chicago for you to enjoy above. What's wonderful about the booths at the taste of Chicago is that they offer their signature dish in a "taste of" portion. It costs fewer tickets, is a smaller size, and it allows you to sample some of Chicago's best restaurants to determine where you might want to eat later. We had previously had a fantastic lunch at Foodlife, the gourmet food court in the Water Tower Place, before heading over to the festival, but that didn't stop us from sampling the goodies!
Mazzone's water ice booth is HIGHLY recommended, should you make it out there. Delicious water ice in several flavors. The Chicago Chocolate Company had incredible fruit kabobs (covered in chocolate, natch) and chocolate-covered strawberries. Dominick's, the produce stand, was offering a "taste portion" of watermelon that was bigger than our hands! Also impressive was the line at the fruit stand. It's always good to see people making healthy choices.
I can wholeheartedly recommend Grand Lux Cafe, as I recommended in last year's post, though we didn't eat there on this visit. Sunday morning (this visit) we did visit Chicago Bagel & Bialy II. The bagels were delicious!
It was a wonderful visit with old friends, and is fast becoming an annual event. Thanks ladies!
Yours in allergy-free travels & eating,
Allergic Diner


Anonymous said...

I am the parent of a grown up daughter with a severe allergy to tree nuts and peanuts and find eating our in restaurants a worrying situation. You mentioned Chicago in your blog and wanted to let you know that we had a truly wonderful dining experience at Bistro 110 in the city. When we phoned for reservations they asked if there were food allergies and as soon as we walked into the restaurant on the day of our visit we were treated with such courtesy and even had a table visit from the chef(who has children with allergies). He was able to put my daughters mind at ease with her choices from the menu and I have never seen her eat so happily or heartily in a restaurant before. I see that you are from New Jersey. Do you have any tips fro good restaurants in the Philly area where my daughter will be starting grad school shortly.

allergic diner said...

Hi there! Please forgive my delay in answering, I've been swamped with work! Thank you very much for the tip about Bistro 110, my husband and I are heading back to Chicago this winter and will definitely check it out. I really appreciate it.
I have a multitude of recommendations about Philadelphia and will make that a blog post this week - too many to list here. Please check back in!