Tuesday, January 20, 2009

File Under "B" for Bizarre

Dreams are a funny thing. Lately I've been having these fantastic dreams about places I like to go, and then I wake up, and I'm not on Main Street in Disney World, and I have to drag myself out of bed. It isn't that I don't want to get up, mind you, it's simply that I'd rather be waking up in a Disney Resort then heading out the door for a day of work. Who wouldn't?!

Anyway, back to dreams. As an allergic person I find that I dream about food, a lot. Usually its my anxiety manifesting itself in my sleep, as I accidentally ingest a teaspoon of celery seed and then can't find the epi-pen, or the Benadryl. Sometimes I dream that I'm catering a big, fancy dinner, and other times I just dream about missing ice cream. In the past few weeks, I've had this recurring dream with which I have no idea what to do: I'm eating spaghetti and meatballs, in red sauce (in case that isn't readily apparent).

Red sauce. The kind with chunks of tomato, oregano, and cheese. I sit, I eat the whole plate while I'm at dinner with NAH, and I'm fine. Completely fine. Is my subconscious trying to tell me I should try tomato again? Doubtful. In fact, I'd bet money on the fact that I'm just yearning to be a normal out-to-dinner person. However, it's got me thinking, and in the past week I've made a list of the foods I want to try (some of them fall in the 'again' category) this year. Some of them fall into the "is this too much lactose or spice for me to stomach" category.

pears (green and brown)
butternut squash
goat cheese
blue cheese
refried beans
red velvet cake

There is a part of me that wants to try the tomato. I even know how to do it, as a processed, small bite, sitting outside of the hospital with NAH next to me and an epi-pen in hand. And really, that's enough to stop me, right there.

This past year I tried a few food tests, in a safe environment, and discovered this:
I'm highly allergic to fresh blueberries, but can eat raspberries without a problem. I am no longer allergic to pineapple. I still cannot eat fresh peaches, nectarines or apples, but I can eat any of them cooked (and especially in a pie!).

Thanks for listening,
Your allergic (tomato-free ) diner


Allergy Mom said...

What part of red velvet cake are you allergic to? I make a fantastic egg/dairy/nut free version. (Recipe's on my blog, if you're interested.)

allergic diner said...

Actually, not allergic, just always told to avoid it for lactose purposes b/c most recipes seem to contain buttermilk. I will have to check your recipe out and let you know. Thanks for sharing!

Tamradee said...

I hear you! Often times I feel like I'm making this whole thing up and think - why don't I just try eating normal again? A death-wish, I guess. I haven't had the dreams at night, only day dreams. For me, I think that I stay away from a food long enough and I tend to forget the trouble it caused me. I actually sat down to try and write down everything I can't have (which comes to me as I read a label) and I couldn't think of anything!

Allergic Girl said...

hey allergic diner,
this was my new year's resolution as well: http://allergicgirl.blogspot.com/2009/01/food-challenges.html

we could do some together, epi pens/benedryl at the ready. :-)

seriously, i tried kiwi yesterday and was all good. [i wasnt allergic but it's been so long since i've tried i was nervous all the same].

i wish you the same safety!