Friday, December 29, 2006

thankful for good friends

The allergic diner's BFF most recently adopted another cat. I am notoriously allergic to cats and have been having terrible problems with my allergies as of late, so she has been travelling to see me at my place. But, with a holiday party and a chance to meet some new people, how could I not go?
This woman is such a gem! Not only did she clean her home from top to bottom, but she sprayed allergen reducer on everything, and then cordoned off the cats to one section of the house so i could have an "allergy-free zone." As a result, with the help of a little Benadryl I was able to attend the party without worrying about an allergic reaction. She even cooked me a separate "Allergic diner-proof" meal. (she simply left some of the oil and seasonings off my food)
Allergic diner's sage advice: Be thankful for friends who go to such lengths, friendships like these are few and far between!
Coming in the New Year. Reviews of several more national chains, and the allergic diner's territory expands to NYC!

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fonzehw said...

be sure to say happy new year to good friends