Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A neighborhood italian joint called "Domino's"

First off, let me start by wishing all of my allergic friends a very happy 2007!
For my first review of the new year, I would like to tell you the story of a little neighborhood italian joint named "domino's" (mea culpa: i ripped that line off from the King of Queens).
My non-allergic husband and I have been travelling every weekend for the better part of the month. We decided, quite simply, to spend the weekend of New Year's Eve at home. No driving, no shopping, no family, no restaurants. But who wants to cook dinner on New Years? So we attempted to order in pizza (always anxiety-inducing, understandable if you have read my earlier posts about the pizza cutter). I called Domino's and asked for a white pizza "please hold the oil and the seasoning." I genuinely confused the poor guy on the other end of the phone. He was polite enough to reply "ma'am, we do not season your pizza." He told me that Domino's does not use oil under the cheese or any oregano! When I asked him not to cut the pizza, just in case I told him about my allergy to tomatoes. He responded with "I personally promise you that your pizza will not be cut by us. I'll make sure of that. We don't want you getting sick."
Lo and behold, when the pizza arrived, it was piping hot and uncut, with no additional anything on it - just the way I like it!
Thank you Domino's, the allergic diner HIGHLY recommends your chain to anyone with a food allergy. I have pizza back!

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