Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Not just for Thanksgiving

I told my non-allergic husband last night that if I were to ever leave him, it would be for stuffing. Now, stuffing cannot kiss me goodnight, or scrape the ice off my car in the morning, but it is just SO darn good. Especially on these damp, chilly days.

Homemade stuffing is by far the best, but on those nights where everyone at work has made you crazy all day, and you have to figure out something for dinner but have no mental capacity left to do so, enter the Stove Top. The nice, kind people at Kraft also go so far as to give you quick & easy recipes on their websites, which contrary to lots of popular cookbooks with the same title, ARE ACTUALLY QUICK & EASY!
Case in point: I did not get home from the supermarket until close to 6:30 last night, but I had a healthy, balanced, non-allergic meal on the table at 7:00 (and yes, the groceries were unpacked and put away by then as well).

My new, fabulous find for the quickest, yummiest recipe around... from the Kraft&Stove Top website, tweaked a bit for the allergic consumer....

1 package thin-sliced boneless/skinless chicken breast
1 cup. frozen peas/corn or other veggies as you like
1 box stove top chicken stuffing or stove top low sodium stuffing
1 can low sodium chicken broth
4 tbsp. margarine (substitute soy butter for lactose-free meal!)

In large skillet, melt 2 tbsp of margarine over medium heat and place chicken in pan. Saute in hot margarine for 2 minutes, then turn over and saute 2-3 min. on the other side. When chicken is sufficiently cooked (Note: it will NOT be cooked all the way) add 3/4 of the can of chicken broth and other 2 tbsp. of margarine, and frozen veggies and bring to a boil. Pour in stove top, stir well and cover, cooking over reduced heat for another 5 minutes.

It's that simple....you take the lid off the pan, and presto, a LOWFAT meal with starch, vegetable and protein is completely cooked AND all in one pan. On a busy night, it doesn't get much better than that! Thank you Stove Top for a wonderful non-allergic meal. Ahh, stuffing.

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Official Husband said...

As the official husband of the allergic diner (TAD) I can imagine some might think I'd be alarmed that TAD contemplates leaving me for stuffing. After all, as TAD noted, stuffing can't scrape ice off your car or kiss you good night (it also can't hog the covers or leave the toilet seat up, both of which weigh in its favor), but when the stuffing is this good, it's understandable that TAD is eyeing greener pastures. The official husband of TAD is fortunate in that she does not let her allergy-based limitations get in the way of flavor, and the stuffing was a case in point. She also has this habit of "hiding" food the offcial husband does not like, such as peas and asparagus, inside of tastier items. All in all, the official husband is lucky to have such a culinarily crafty spouse. It does, however, lead to the somewhat bizarre situation in which the official husband also might leave TAD for her food.