Friday, January 19, 2007

The allergic diner HIGHLY recommends...

Last evening, your allergic diner and the non-allergic husband treated the non-allergic in-laws to a special anniversary dinner in celebration of their 35 years of marriage. We took them to KC Prime, a steakhouse in central New Jersey that was well worth the drive. We made reservations and were taken promptly to our table. When it came time to order, our waiter was affable, knowledgeable, and did not faint, nor even utter a sigh, when it came time for my infamous allergic diner requests. "Can you make this steak without seasoning, butter or oil?" "Can you please tell the chef to reserve, at all costs, his urge to make it look pretty and send it out with additional garnish?" "Can I substitute the bourbon-mashed sweet potatoes for a good old-fashioned boring baked potato?" "Can you make that as plain and boring as possible as well?"
Well, dear readers, not only did he accommodate all these requests, but the steak was the best the allergic diner had eaten in months. The non-allergic husband and mother-in-law very much enjoyed their prime rib orders, and the non-allergic father-in-law spoke glowingly of his NY strip steak order. All in all, KC Prime is highly recommended to diners of all allergies (and non-allergies!). It was a lovely evening with no cause for discomfort. Thanks KC Prime!

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