Friday, February 23, 2007

Whole Foods is an allergic cook's dream...

Yesterday evening both the non-allergic husband and I worked very late. As such, I stopped to pick us up something to eat on the way home, and decided to try the WholeFoods supermarket. That place is to a cook what a candy store is to a child. Simply put, I went in for 2 items, and walked out with *ahem* a few more (including a beautiful piece of salmon to make for dinner tonight). I was able to pick up a work-friendly dessert in their bakery for today's work party, purchase dinner for myself (made-to-order sushi and a prepared-by-the-allergic-diner-salad, which by the way, when combined, cost less than the cost of a single saladworks salad).
More importantly, I was able to look around at what I would consider a haven for the allergic consumer. Dairy-free fudge cake? Gluten-free waffles? More than 10 varieties of dairy-free ice cream? Vegan meals for those who would like, or meat meals for those who'd prefer?In addition, everything prepared by their kitchen comes with FULL ingredient listings (as does everything on their salad bar, soup bar, and hot foods bar). I was more than impressed by the listing of the specific type of oil used in a pasta dish (as opposed to some places who simply list "oil).
The Allergic Diner happily recommends Whole Foods to all of my readers!

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