Thursday, March 20, 2008

101. Who would've thought?

Yesterday I realized that I now have 100 posts. 100 posts! This post makes 101. I started this blog as an exercise of sorts. My job requires far more editing than actual writing and I did not want to get rusty. Plus, I savored the chance to tell some of these restaurants what I think of their treatment (anonymously, of course). I was also hoping maybe I'd make some friends in allergy-land, people with whom I could discuss allergy experiences , and we could learn and share from each other. This is getting a little too Barney&Friends for me, so I'll stop now.

I simply want to say THANK YOU!
When I started this blog I had no idea that I'd have the faithful readership or the overwhelming support/advice/interest that I have from all of you. It is very much appreciated. I always look forward to posting and to hearing from you, and to reading quite a few of your blogs. Here's to post 200!

I've mentioned in some of my past postings the dreaded tomato allergy, and the latex= death allergy problem that I have. I've discussed my distaste for oregano (a result of the allergic reaction it causes), and explained how I alter recipes. I have seen many allergists, all of whom confirmed both the tomato and the oregano allergies, but could never really give me a reason or a grouping for them. A good example of a grouping in this case would be my banana allergy, which directly ties to my latex allergy because of a similar protein. I need order and reason (to just about everything), so for me, this is important.

Today, on, the main page, there is an article "Unusual Food Allergies." I'd like to cut and paste a section of the article from Dr. Rob, one of the Health & Fitness expert bloggers.

I also need to mention another possibility, the latex-fruit syndrome. While triggering symptoms similar to those of the pollen-food syndrome, the latex-fruit syndrome is an allergic response to specific proteins present in latex. And since similar proteins are also contained in certain fruits, vegetables, nuts and spices, touching or eating them may cause a reaction. These foods or spices include but are not limited to: almonds, apples, bananas, kiwis, raw tomatoes or potatoes, as well as spices such as dill, oregano, ginger or sage.

I finally have my reason. They all tie together! Isn't that crafty? What a wonderful thing to discover for my 101st post. What follows is a link to the article (one day maybe one of my lovely readers will teach me how to link through a word, rather than post the entire link? I'm still a newbie out here). I will post my Top Chef thoughts later.

Thanks for reading!
Your Allergic Diner

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