Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Well dear readers, I'm back. How was my vacation, you ask? It was lovely! 5 days in the Florida sunshine with no phone calls, email, or other bothersome intrusions. NAH's parents have a lovely home (at first glance I admit to thinking it was a show home - the one that other people tour before purchasing their own?). It's stunning. We had dinners on the screened-in lanai, NAH went swimming, and I got to do my favorite thing in the world: READ! We did a little shopping, went on a nature walk, but nothing too strenuous. It was VERY relaxing. But back to blog matter.

I also got to do my second favorite thing, eat lots of allergy-proof food without having to think about it. My non-allergic mom-in-law was kind enough to request a list of foods she could stock the house with ahead of time, and I had turkey, fruit, applesauce, cereal, and lactaid milk at my disposal. Yum!

We went out for dinner a few times, but I'd like to tell you about a very memorable meal we all shared at a restaurant in Fort Myers, Florida called The Lighthouse (pictured above). YUM!

The non-allergic in-laws were kind enough to assure me that I'd be able to request anything they made in my allergic diner style (re: PLAIN). I was astounded not only by the beauty of the restaurant (we got to sit overlooking the marina!), but by the menu itself. I could eat almost everything on it, and this was a very nice restaurant (doesn't often happen to me)! I was torn between the steak and the seafood, but decided when in Florida, and ordered a piece of grilled tuna, medium-rare with NO oils/spices/garnish, etc. I even requested that the waitress tell the chef to resist his urge to make it "look pretty." Unfortunately, when I dine out at a nice restaurant, the chef often feels the need to add something to my rather boring-looking plate, and by doing so, renders the dish inedible for me. I also requested a baked potato, plain, and a Caesar salad with the dressing on the side. I was delighted when the waitress asked me if I wanted anchovies. You bet I did!(NAH still thinks I say yes to bother him, he can't stand them)

NAH ordered his favorite, prime rib, with mashed potatoes and a cup of soup. NAmom-in-law had blackened salmon (that looked divine), and NAdad-in-law's NY strip steak came with an adorable topping of frizzled onions. But the best part?

My dish came out perfectly,and I could tell just by looking at it. No oil, no seasoning, no garnish, nothing. The sauces were in little metal containers so as not to contaminate my food, and I was able to eat a full meal for one of the few times I can remember. I was too full to even think about dessert (well, until we returned home!). It's unusual for me to feel comfortable enough, even with medicine to prevent stomach/allergy problems, to eat out at a nice restaurant. This was amazing.

My thanks to The Lighthouse for a truly memorable meal. My thanks to my non-allergic in-laws for a truly relaxing vacation!

Here's the link to The Lighthouse in Ft. Myers, Florida, should you ever make it down there....

Stay tuned tomorrow for a Top Chef recap.

~Allergic Diner


trutheau said...

One time I had shellfish in my soup that I didn't even ask for.

Anonymous said...
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Blake said...

Just an observation .... the men order the meat and the ladies ordered the fish. Sometimes stereotypes are accurate, that or they are just your typical American males. GO AU!

allergic diner said...

Gosh, that may be the only time in my life I've been called a stereotypical female :)!