Thursday, March 27, 2008


So it's official. Every once in awhile I take a leap and test one of my allergies (the non-anaphylaxis ones) because these things can and do change over time. I am no longer allergic to pineapple. And it is quite yummy! Right in time for the upcoming trip to Hawaii!

But I want to talk about Top Chef. Actually talk about it, instead of doing a really long recap, because last night's episode had a moment that upset me greatly. At the very end, when the red team was called before the panel of judges and was utterly incensed at having lost, Andrew crossed a line. At least with me. He told head chef Tom Colicchio that the only way he was going home was if "security guards dragged him away." Ok, that kind of enthusiasm could be considered cute. Then he followed, rather emphatically, with the statement, "This is MY HOUSE." Noooo....

He's competing with other very gifted chefs in a competition that thousands of people want to enter and few are very carefully selected (don't know what the heck happened in Season 2, but I digress). You are in front of some of the experts in your field, and you're telling them you're in charge? Don't think so buddy. If I was Chef Tom, I would have stood up, walked around the table, and smacked the guy in the head (a la the V8 commercial). Seriously! No respect at all for seasoned professionals who are the stars of the culinary world? No respect for your competitors? I remember watching Hung (Season 3) become giddy with enthusiasm when he got to meet some of the guest judges, especially upon learning he'd be cooking with Rocco diSpirito in the finale. None of that gratitude was in play here.

Anyway, both teams were lousy. Nikki's (blue team) macaroni and cheese was a mistake from the get-go, and Zoi (red team) was very upset about a pasta salad she felt was beneath her, and then screwed up anyway. The only thing that really looked delectable was Dale's pork skewers with red curry BBQ sauce - and his red team lost (I liked their fare better, but only because it was simpler and I'm a sucker for dips). A Waldorf salad without mayo (?), and then without crunch (?)....ick. Erik's soggy corn dogs got him sent home, and thus ended an edition of what should have been called "adequate chef."

Show a little respect, man.

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David Dust said...

"Adequate Chef" indeed.

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