Monday, November 20, 2006

Beware the evil pizza wheel

Your allergic diner has a deathly tomato allergy (among others). My in-laws have a long-standing Friday night tradition of getting pizza from their local pizzeria (which, for the time being, will remain nameless). When we visit, your allergic diner has a delicious white pizza pie with mushrooms and garlic which tastes like cheesy garlic bread. I was very much looking forward to my pizza this past Friday, and when ordered, my husband included the "please do not cut the pizza" instruction.
We have learned in the past that a pizza wheel, put through a tomato pie first, then put through a white pie, brings tomato sauce onto the white pizza. This direction has never been a problem for us.
This place forgot and cut the pie, rendering your allergic diner with an allergic reaction. (sometimes when a pie is cut the wheel is rinsed off in between so as not to transfer the ingredients, usually it is not a problem)
Your allergic diner was distracted, and she paid for it dearly. Allergic consumers beware - make sure your directions are followed to the letter!!

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