Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Wegmans supermarkets
As your unbiased reviewer, I went last night in an attempt to find something for dinner that had no dairy, no oil, no tomatoes, and a list of spices so I could determine if they used any that I am allergic to. Right away, I spotted the sushi counter, but there was no sushi chef who could make anything for me at the time (I was told by wegmans customer service that they were there but on break. When I returned a 1/2 hour later, I was shocked to see still no sushi chef!)
I went about my food shopping during that half hour and was very impressed to see labels on everything that is Wegmans brand promoting allergy information such as "L" for "Lactose free" or V for "Vegan." More impressive was the "G" for Gluten free. I'm thankful not to count that as one of my allergies, but its nice to know that there are a range of products available.
After my unimpressive return to the sushi counter, I spotted the hoagie station, where I had a sub made to my exact specifications (no oil, no cheese, etc). Not only was the man accomodating, he even offered to let me check the sandwich before he wrapped it! I finished my food shopping and was on my way with my premade dinner. An added bonus to anyone with a latex allergy? Wegmans employees wear vinyl gloves to prepare the foods!
All in all, Wegmans is pricey but highly recommended by the allergic diner!

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