Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Allow me to introduce myself. I'm the allergic diner. Simply put, my food allergies put major restrictions on my ability to eat anywhere but in my own kitchen. It becomes a difficult experience, rather than an enjoyable time.
This website will review food establishments and educate readers as to the best and most accomodating places to eat if you have allergies. This is not a starred-review system, just a place to learn which restaurants, supermarkets,vacation spots, etc. accomodate special requests, and the ease and comfort level they allow the patron while doing so. I am constantly on the health, fitness and recipe websites in addition to being an avid chef, and I hope to provide a service which I see lacking in today's internet reading. Enjoy, and I welcome your comments. Hopefully my experiences will assist those of you who also have difficulty eating out!

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theresa said...

bravo for you for sharing your adventures! I've been too many times screwed over to take my son to a restaurant so have given up totally. He is anaphylatic to dairy--and has many meat allergies.
I for one, would like to find a cure for this mess. Or as least get the freaking word out.
I'm bookmarking you. If you could please share what exactly your allergies are and which are the most severe. Thanks.